Exporting to Australia

At Avonhead Vets we have vets approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) to issue export certificates for cats and dogs travelling to Australia. Note: we are not MPI vets.

New Zealand has an agreement with Australia to make it easier to export your cat or dog there. An MPI-approved vet takes care of the export certificate for you so you don’t need an animal welfare export certificate. An MPI-approved vet is a New Zealand-registered vet who is approved under the MPI Export Programme to sign the export certificate.

As a requirement by MPI, you must have a registered pet exporter to help arrange tests, treatments, flights, crates and other requirements. All airlines must deal with a pet exporter to ensure all requirements are completed at the appropriate time before departure. Fees and charges apply.

What to expect at your export appointment:

One of our MPI-approved vets will examine your pet to ensure they are healthy and fit to fly. We will scan and verify your pet’s microchip. The vet will complete an export certificate with you or your pet exporter. The certificate must be done within 72 hours of your pet’s departure date.

We will give your pet an MPI-approved internal parasite (worm) treatment and an external parasite (flea) treatment. These are a requirement for the export and must be done at the time of the appointment.

The consultation and the Australian export certificate is $400.00. Parasitic treatment is additional, as the cost varies on your pet’s weight.

If you, the owner, cannot be present at the export examination and the exporter will be bringing your pet into the clinic for this, you must complete an Owner Statutory Declaration before the export exam, and this must be signed by a Justice of the Peace. The exporter must bring the original of this declaration to the export appointment. Your pet exporter can organise this.

Follow this link for additional information from MPI about exporting cats and dogs to Australia.


Pet travel requirements

All pets must travel in an airline-approved cage. Airlines have strict guidelines which all good pet exporters will be familiar with. Your pet will not be allowed to travel in an incorrect cage. Your pet exporter can organise the correct size cage for your pet’s travel.

If your pet has travelled outside of Australia and New Zealand, it will need further documentation and tests. Your pet exporter will need to organise this.

Exporting your pet to other countries

If you are requiring an export to countries other than Australia, please contact us directly as there are different requirements for each country.

Rabies vaccines

We can order in a rabies vaccine for your pet. Note we must order it for your specific pet, as each vaccine is assigned to a cat or dog. We cannot use this vaccine on another animal. Payment is required before we can order this vaccine. Please be aware, the vaccine is administered in several doses with a certain amount of time between each one, so you need to plan in advance. Your pet exporter can explain this all to you.

Recommended Registered Pet Exports:

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