Our experienced veterinarians perform a wide range of surgical procedures, including:


  • Ovariohysterectomy (spey)
  • Castration (neuter)

Orthopaedic (bone and muscle) surgery

  • Patellar luxation repair
  • Ruptured cruciate (ACL) repair
  • Modern MMP technique for cruciate (ACL) repair
  • Fracture repair

Soft tissue surgery

  • Mass removals
  • Abdominal surgeries
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Lumpectomies (lump removal)

Ophthalmology (eye) surgery

  • Entropion (eyelid) surgery
  • Cherry eye repair

Surgical procedures and care

We treat every surgical procedure from simple castration to major orthopaedic work with the same protocols and care. Our qualified veterinary nurses monitor each patient closely throughout pre-surgery medication, surgery, and up until their discharge home. We use advanced monitoring equipment in our dedicated sterile surgery suite.

Our veterinarians tailor an anaesthetic protocol that is best suited for your animal. Our patients are given a premedication prior to surgery, which contains a sedative and a pain relief. We are well-equipped for all our surgical procedures with electric heat pads, fluid infusion pumps, electrocautery and the latest anaesthetic monitoring machine.

We design an individual post-operative pain management regime for each patient’s requirements. After surgery, we return our patients to their cozy, warm kennels, where we monitor them closely until they go home.

Laser therapy

This amazing device treats all our patients after every surgical operation. This is a safe procedure used for post-operative wound care. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and scar tissue, and promotes wound healing and the release of beta-endorphins to provide pain relief.

Laser therapy to assist with blocked bladder treatment.

Recovery information

We understand there is a lot to take on board after your pet has had surgery. We often send our patients home with a discharge bag that has an information handout specific to their procedure. This includes brochures with additional information on dietary changes, post-op care, medications, supplements etc.

Here are a few important pet information guides from the trained experts at Avonhead Veterinary Centre. If you need more assistance or knowledge about your pet’s recovery, please feel free to contact us.