We understand it can be hard making the decision to say goodbye. There are two things to consider when the end of your pet’s life is approaching these are, the quality of life your pet has, is it still enjoying any part of its life? And the dreadful strain emotionally and financially on the humans who love the pet and are watching it fade away, possibly in pain.

Considering these two points will help you to objectively decide when the decision to euthanise should be made. We (or your veterinarian) can also help you with this difficult choice by explaining your animal’s condition and chances of recovery. We will help you understand fully the condition that your pet has so you can make an informed choice for its future.

Euthanasia of a pet is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make, as it forces you to put the wellbeing of the pet first despite the pain it will bring you.

When you bring your pet in for their final visit, we want to help make this experience stress-free and peaceful for your beloved pet. We offer sedation, to help relax your pet beforehand. This can take up to 10 minutes to work. We will inject an overdose of the euthanasia drug, following this injection, your pet will immediately become deeply and irreversibly unconscious.

Home Euthanasia Companies

Our Pet’s Goodbye
027 466 3293

Passing Paws
021 085 06148


Vet 2 U
021 770 250

Pet Cremation Services

Fond Farewells
2 Marion Place, Lincoln
03 325 3640 or 0508 366 332

We work very closely with the team at Fond Farewells. We can organise collection from our clinic, then have your beloved pet’s ashes returned to us. We contact you immediately when your pet’s ashes are returned to us. Fond Farewells offer beautiful wooden urns & memorial keepsakes. Please contact us or the team at Fond Farewells directly.

Gentle Waters (Pet Cremation)
Unit 1/44 Curries Road, Hillsborough
03 420 0201 or 022 400 400

Gentle Waters is a privately owned company, here in Christchurch. A boutique Farewell & Pet Cremation Service where your pet and the environment come first. Gentle Waters Pet Cremation is the South Islands first environmentally friendly Pet Water Cremation & Personal Farewell Service. They offer your beloved pet the highest dignity through a process called Alkaline Hydrolysis or Water Cremation.

We can organise collection from our clinic or you can contact them directly; and they will collect your beloved pet or you can also go directly to them and say your final goodbye in their private room on site, then have your beloved pet’s ashes returned to us. We contact you immediately when your pet’s ashes are returned to us. Gentle Waters offer beautiful urns, cardboard scatter tubes, flax urn and keepsakes.

027 534 8486

Paws2Heaven provides a professional Individual Pet Cremation Service throughout the greater Christchurch area. They offer collection services from your home or vet clinic. They offer a beautiful range of urns for your beloved pet. Please contact Paws 2 Heaven directly.

Pet Grief & Support

Losing a pet is never easy and reactions are going to be different for each person in the family. The loss of a beloved pet can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help at these times.

SkyLight Counselling Services – Loss & Grief Resources
We highly recommend the Skylight resources on coping with the loss of your beloved pet. They have a fantastic article with some ideas for helping you and your family to cope with the loss of your beloved pet are and also how to support your children after their pet has passed. Please click here to read the article and find some additional resources for this difficult time.

You can speak to one of their qualified professionals on 0800 299 100

My Big Moments Books.
A personalised picture book by My Big Moments for helping kids handle grief and loss. Written for kids aged 2—7 years old. Available for purchase within New Zealand and Australia in hardcover, softcover and eBook.

‘Goodbye Comet’, was written to make this tricky part of parenting a little bit easier. The story is personalised, placing your child in the action while the characters figure out together what it means to say goodbye to a much loved pet, and how to process their grief in a healthy way.

My Big Moments picture book, ‘Goodbye Comet’, has been specifically created for children to explore the concept of grief and loss in the safe, secure and loving environment of story time. Backed by research and consultation from child development experts, the book helps kids develop effective vocabulary, practical tools and proven strategies to use in their own real-life situations.

​​My Big Moments is an award-winning personalised picture book initiative that helps little people through big moments. The range covers the topics of starting school, building resilience, getting a new sibling, grief and loss, and going to hospital. Find out more, read a full preview, and buy the book at mybigmoments.com. Join ‘the village’ on Instagram at @mybigmoments.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions and guide you through this difficult time.