We have a warm, welcoming and modern veterinary clinic.

Avonhead Vets has the latest in veterinary technology and superb facilities. Founder Dr Peter McLean is joined by a highly skilled team of vets and nurses, all committed to continuing education to bring the highest standard of knowledge and care for your pets.

We provide high-quality medical, surgical and nursing care to our animal patients, superior service to our (human) clients and a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone. Our team of animal health professionals are compassionate, knowledgeable and focused on providing client education, preventative care, and open and honest communication.

We aim to provide professional excellence in veterinary service while forming close, long-term relationships with pets and their owners.



You’ll enter through our warm, welcoming reception area, where you’ll find a display of premium food and quality pet gear available for purchase – ask the team for professional advice.

Pet hospital

The hospital facilities feature separate wards for dog and cat patients, reducing stress during their stay. In-floor heating, heat pumps and ventilation systems make for a warm, cosy environment.

Diagnostics and radiology

We have a full array of diagnostic equipment available on-site:

  • State-of-the-art Idexx blood machines – Biochemistry analyser and complete blood count (CBC) machine producing a full blood picture in less than 15 minutes.
  • Idexx Urinalysis SediVue Dx analyser
  • Microscopy – haematology/cytology/dermatology.
  • Digital radiographs and dental radiographs
  • Ultrasound

Our radiology unit allows fast diagnostic imaging within minutes. Ultrasound is also available, providing moving real-time images allowing us to examine the insides of internal organs, diagnosing tumours, cardiac disorders, pregnancy and more.

We do these diagnostics on site, so we can get to caring for your pet as quickly as possible.

Modern diagnostic equipment on-site.

Operating theatre

Our sterile operating theatre is equipped for orthopaedic, elective and emergency surgery with positive airflow ventilation, a modern anaesthetic machine and the latest in anaesthetic patient monitoring machine equipment including blood pressure, oxygen saturation, capnoagraph (to measure carbon dioxide in exhaled breath), heart rate and temperature, with close monitoring at all times. We have separate dental facilities allowing the best dental care for your pet, including dental scaling, polishing, extractions and pulpotomies.

We understand the special role your pets play in your family. We aim to preserve that relationship by providing the best in veterinary medicine, delivered with compassion, integrity and good old-fashioned care.