Our packaging recycling program is completely free, so drop off any pet food bags and pouches at the clinic, and we sort out the rest! We ask you empty the bags, clean and dry them before dropping them off to us.

We are proudly teaming with TerraCyle NZ and Royal Canin, to be a part of their in-clinic pet food recycling program. Our joint goal is to help prevent pet food packaging ending up in landfill or our oceans, causing significant impact on our environment.

This will make a better world for pets, and a greener world for us all.


Avonhead Vets is now a drop-off centre for ALL pet food packaging, so it can be recycled with TerraCycle. This is all thanks to the Royal Canin Recycling Program. We will send the bags and wet pouches to TerraCycle. Royal Canin then works behind the scenes with TerraCycle to recycle these products using a circular economy method, turning these products into reusable items such as park benches, dog agility equipment and frisbees.

Learn more of the Royal Canin Recycling Program.

Royal Canin has also partnered with Blind Low Vision NZ as the charity partner for the Royal Canin Recycling Program. For every 1kg of packaging returned and recycled, $1 is donated to support the incredible work of Blind Low Vision NZ.

TerraCycle is an innovative, global waste management company that currently operates across 21 countries worldwide. Learn more about TerraCycle.